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1 Jan, 2010
Prashant Shrestha's Blog

Well it was a shitty start to the new year. Our plan of going to lamjung went down the drain due to the Nepal Banda(Strike). Anyways I was walking past my house when I saw this movie poster of a new Nepali movie called "Ghamanda" which means "Pride" in English. As soon as I saw the poster I knew I had seen it before. I thought it was of the movie punisher..which has a similar poster, So I...

31 Dec, 2009
Prashant Shrestha's Blog

It has been a great year. I started this blog in June this year and well I could have written more thanI did. But still got great responses. This website got featured in many showcases and I am really greatful for that. It has been a great year for drupal as well. I am looking forward to a great 2010. Hoping to write more posts and get in touch with a lot more people. Also would like to wish a...

28 Nov, 2009

After many months of neglect..I finally had some time to spare for my blog..When I started my blog I had just started Drupal..well It had been a while but I was still learning stuffs..I looked at my system status and found that most of my modules were in dire need of update including my Drupal Core which was based on Drupal 6.12, So I thought it would be a good time to do my update.

18 Aug, 2009

I really love HDR photography, I always wanted to try it but somehow I always ended up avoiding it. This morning after waking up I was checking out and their latest post was about their lastes tuts plus site photo.tutsplus which was about photography. They post articles and tutorials related to...

1 Aug, 2009


There is a module Semanticviews which achieves similar functionality. You can check that out as well.

Views is without a doubt the most powerful and useful drupal module. Views helps to bring out content from our site in a variety of ways. Anywhere you...

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