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Well it was a shitty start to the new year. Our plan of going to lamjung went down the drain due to the Nepal Banda(Strike). Anyways I was walking past my house when I saw this movie poster of a new Nepali movie called "Ghamanda" which means "Pride" in English. As soon as I saw the poster I knew I had seen it before. I thought it was of the movie punisher..which has a similar poster, So I reached home and googled it and then I found that it was similar to the poster of the movie "Blade", which stars Wesley snipes as a vampire hunting vampire. So I decided to take a picture of it and did a side by side comparision.

As you can see the poster is similar to the original in many ways. The only thing that I find different is that the nepali version has a nepali sword and looks more vulgar with that not so sensual woman lying at the bottom. What does this say about our nepali movie industry. Its bad enough they steal the plots and the story line but copying the movie poster is taking it a step too far. I mean even the eyes at the background look exactly the same. Do Nepali filmmakers have no creativity left in them. Even the recent so called ground breaking nepali movies have similar plots to othe popular movies. The recently released Nepali movie was a copy of the Koream flick "A millionaire's first love". I just hope I get to watch a Nepali movie with original concept and stoyline soon.


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Basanta says:

Good observation....

It will be very hard to find original nepali movie and concept in future, as the main observer of Nepali Movie want hard-core action and some bit of romance and dance, which will be hard to take by us (average moviegoers who watches more english than any other)

Have fun at home....

Anonymous says:

old nepali movies were far far better than the once that we have at the moment..

Nice blog post, a day utilized :) it seems.

Sandeep says:

hahahhaa nice vision.

Roshan says:

LOL even the eyes at the background is same! such an insult to creativity.

lexlimbu says:

ah, im guessing you were the first one to notice this difference right? well its hot and happening - going all around websites now. thanks for sharing

When I saw the poster of the movie I was really shocked because I already had seen the movie Blade. The Nepali movie 'Ghamanda' is totally copied with the movie 'Blade'. Also the poster seems to be of same theme.

prabita says:

I agree that old nepali movies are far more better than that of the new ones but also I would like to share things on the new nepali movies that I recently watched. I watched Kagbeni, Pahilo Maya e.t.c. In these movies I think nepali film team have worked hard to make it possible.

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