My very first HDR tryout


I really love HDR photography, I always wanted to try it but somehow I always ended up avoiding it. This morning after waking up I was checking out and their latest post was about their lastes tuts plus site photo.tutsplus which was about photography. They post articles and tutorials related to photography. So I checked it out and their very first article was how to shoot in HDR .

I went through the article. It was really well written and explained all the step clearly, from taking the photos to processing them in Photomatix Pro or Photoshop. After going through the article I thought this was my chance to try out HDR, So I took my camera a Fujifilm E550, which is a pocket camera but has manual settings of aperture and speed and a small tripod that I had lying around. I went to my roof and tried a few shots. For the first shot I took 7 shots one with the right exposure and 3 shots each under and overexposed by 1 EV. I then processed them in photomatix and I got my very first HDR image.Here it is:

As you can see it was pretty cloudy and there wasn't enough light so I decide to try it some other time. I was returing from work that evening and I saw that the sun was just about to set, I said to my self this will make a perfect setting for a HDR image, So I rushed home as soon as I could climbed on my roof and took lots of shots. For each shot I took about 5-7 exposures. I kept the aperture to the highest value supported by my camera F/8. I had a tripod to keep my shots steady. I processed them in photomatix and I though the results were quite ok. Not bad for a first time. But I see lots of room for improvement. I will definitely be trying out more in the furure and hope fully one day I can be just as good as great HDR legends like Trey Ratcliff. Here are some more shots that I took.







See the entire set on flickr.


4 Responses to "My very first HDR tryout" is grateful towards you to receive some spellbound captures from your great pictures collection.

Looking forward for further support and more great works from you. Loads and loads of great wishes for your bright future.

suresh says:

Well tried HDR and the sunrise and sunset pics seems lively after HDR. Keep on clicking

Anonymous says:

its really a beautiful picture...nicely shot

Not bad at all for a first try. I actually like most of the photos.

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